"The Corporate Governance Association of Ireland"
About Us

Members 2009

Left to right, standing:
Fergus Sheriden(Director), Michael Kelly (Director), Conall Lavery (Director), Bob Semple (Director), Alan McDonnell (Director)

Left to right, seated:
Donnchadh O'Madagain(Treasurer/Director), Jerry Kelly (Chairman), Mary Flaherty (Secretary/Director)

The Corporate Governance Association of Ireland was founded in April 2006 by graduates of the UCD Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Membership is open to experienced business professionals who hold post-graduate qualifications in corporate governance discipline from academic progammes recognised by our council.

We are an independent Association which seeks to promote high standards of corporate governance by adhering to the Association's Code of Professional Conduct and facilitating the ongoing professional development of our members.

We seek to promote high standards in our capacities as executive or non-executive directors. Click here to view the Corporate Governance Association of Ireland's Objectives