"The Corporate Governance Association of Ireland"

There are three categories of membership of the Association:

The Association may elect, by a unanimous vote of the Board, as an honorary member of the Association, any person who in the opinion of the Board has given exceptional meritorious service, in whatever capacity in their professional life, which represents or promotes good governance. Such a person shall be entitled without subscription, to all privileges of membership. It is implicit that an honorary member should not be of lesser stature than the high standards expected of candidates for ordinary membership, and that a very limited number be granted.

Ordinary Membership
Ordinary membership will be open to graduates of advanced educational programmes in Corporate Governance recognised by Board and who are deemed to have an appropriate level of relevant experience.  Download Application Form Here 

Associate Membership
Associate membership will be open to students of recognised Corporate Governance programmes who on graduation would be eligible to apply for ordinary membership and persons professionally involved in the promotion of good governance, who in the opinion of Board, will positively contribute to the aims and objectives of the Association. Associate members are not entitled to vote at General Meetings.  Download Application Form Here

Becoming a Member
Applications for Ordinary or Associate Membership shall be in writing to the Secretary, on the form prescribed, and shall be granted at the sole discretion of the Board. Each new member shall receive a copy of the CGAI (Association’s) Memorandum and Articles of Association and Code of Professional Conduct from the Secretary. Members are bound by these documents.